Illustration Services by Howard David Johnson: Custom Art made to order, Licensing Existing Art, Poster Art Reprints and Art Instruction.




Affordable Book Cover illustration: 

QUALITY Custom Book Cover Art made to order in a month or less STARTING at ONLY $500.oo US Dollars.

 Fantasy, Science Fiction, Romance, Horror Mystery, Young Adult Fiction Educational, Religious and Historical Illustrations... and more!

The Wall Street Journal stated that a book is judged by its cover in 3 seconds or less. Your wisest marketing move is to invest in a great cover that makes people notice, value, and desire your book


Your cover art is not the place to cut corners. I do my very best to make sure that your book stands out in today's competitive marketplace. Putting your book out there with bad cover art is like burying a needle in a haystack...


For your Consideration... The Book Cover Art of Howard David Johnson


Featuring Fantasy, Sci-fi, Adventure, Mystery, History Young Adult Fiction and Romance...

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Many pieces are currently available, mostly 11x14-13x16 inch Prismacolor Paintings (like Helen of Troy) and pencil portraits (like Arriba #2) followed in number by Acrylic, Prismacolor and pastel mixed media all on #400 Strathmore Bristol Board ranging from $700.00-$1400. 00 USD and Oil Paintings on canvas ranging from $1999.00 - 10,000.00 USD.  Pieces that have never been rendered in oil can be commissioned in 16x20 inch size on canvas for 50% down and delivered in under 90 days with signed certificates of authenticity aka legal documents pledging never to render it in that size and media again to ensure premium collectability and investment potential.


David can also do a completely new picture designed in digital media (for more on this visit his digital media page) and when we approve the photo-montage, he uses it as reference to render it in oil on canvas. No surprises.  Existing Artwork is shipped very well protected and go out to you immediately via Fed Ex or USPS Express mail upon receipt of payment at our expense. All new creations cost a bit more depending on what is involved. All new creations and rendering photo montages into art on paper are a LOT of fun with e-mail attachments and digital cameras.  Many of Johnson's Digital Mixed Media creations (below left and right) displayed in this site are currently available to be rendered in oil on canvas. Each design will only be rendered in oil once at this size and can be delivered in as little as 90 days

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"Serious Instruction for Serious Artists"


Aphrodite's Child (Harmonia).jpg (75939 bytes)

Affordable Art Lessons: 

The Brandywine School of the Illustrative Arts offers beginning, intermediate, advanced & master level instruction in Drawing, Painting, Photography, & Digital Illustration by Internationally acclaimed Illustrator & Photographer Howard David Johnson. 




  Miss_Lillian_1994.jpg (47512 bytes)   Pandoras_Box_copy.jpg (73444 bytes)

   Examples of Johnson's Colored Pencil portraiture ( Miss Lillian) and illustration ( Age of Chivalry, Pandora's Box)

Learn all of his shading and blending techniques and his secrets of mixing media....

See our syllabus and information on the program by scrolling down...



To enroll simply send the one-time payment of only $199.00 USD* to:

Howard David Johnson P.O. Box 49531 Austin TX 78765-9531 U.S.A.

See the Fifteen Lesson topics listed below! Averaging only Fourteen Dollars a Lesson! 

Very Affordable! Compare our rich content and affordable $199.00 USD price with more expensive mail order Art Instruction Programs costing THOUSANDS!!!





We accept checks, money orders & traveler's cheques of all kinds. We will also gladly accept Swift international bank transfer or for Credit and Debit card orders: For Swift you'll need our bank codes, e-mail us at We usually respond within 24 hours and you'll have your first three lessons the very next day. Be Sure and send your regular AND E-mail addresses with your tuition payments! Use your credit card with Paypal!


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OUP CSCisis coin design

Gorgeous Quality High Resolution files for All kinds of Commercial uses!


Licenses to use start at only $99. U.S. Dollars with same day service! These licenses are lifetime term and have no restrictions! 

Scroll down for thumbnails of the 200 we offer as limited edition posters hundreds more are in our themed galleries...

Click on the Icons for Larger copies and Poster Ordering Info

Fairy Land


Spartan Warriors


Sleeping Beauty


The Archangel Raphael


The Siege of the Alamo


Pixie Dust


Joan of arc


Helen of Troy




Welsh Red Dragon


Elven Fairy Magic


Legendary King Arthur


The Chinese Dragon


Iris goddess of Rainbow


Warrior Queen Boudica


Tiny Dancer


The Lady of Shallot


 Valkyrie Maiden


The Archangel Michael


A Modern Semiramis


Fairies Goblins & Dwarfs


Thor, Odin & Loki


Pandora's Box


The Coming of Brunhilde


The Archangel Gabriel


Daniel in the Lion's Den


Kissed by an Angel


The 300 Spartans


The Adoration of the Magi


The Dragon Slayer


The Defenders of the Faith


The Dragon Nķšhöggr


Mab, bringer of Dreams


Faerie Tales


Moon goddess Diana


The Angel & the Unicorn




The Oracle




The Lake of Fire


Krishna & the Serpent


The Fairy Circle


Kriemhilde's Revenge


Poor Cinderella


Queen Cinderella


St George & the Dragon


The Sword of Lancelot


The Protector of the Forest


George Washington


Napoleon Bonaparte


Caesar's Conquests


Helen of Troy's Suitors


Helen and Paris


The Resurrection


A Mermaid


All Hallows Eve


The Flower Fairy


The Queen's Champion


The Angels of Forgiveness


The Age of Chivalry


 Click the images to buy prints or e-mail now for courteous and speedy service!

  To work out each license on a sliding scale - depending on volume and type of use. Please let me know which images you'd like to use and Where and how you want to use them - you know - posters or book covers or greeting cards or etc and the size of print run and length of term the license will cover. With this information I can quote you a license for use price right away.

Ezekiel's Vision


Angel of Deliverance


Angel of Prophecy


Angelic Escort


Raphael with Caduceus Staff


Odysseus and the Cyclops




Justitia, goddess of Justice


In the wake of Poisedon


Persehone, goddess of Spring


Noah's Ark


The Trojan Horse


All quiet on the Western Front


Bittersweet Reunion


The War Machines


The Hydra & the Golden Fleece

Demeter, goddess of the Harvest

Mermaid Sunset


The Mermaid & the Sailors



Baba Yaga

Robin Hood

Siegfried & Brunhilde

Sir Gawain

Education of Morgan Le Fay

The Magic Sword Excalibur

St. Michael bless our home

The Lady of the Lake

Blonde Savage

Duel of the Amazons

Cleopatra, Queen of Egypt

The Dryad

Aphrodite, goddess of Love

Prometheus Bound

Ares, god of war

Apollo and Daphne

Cronus and Rhea


Hercules and the Lernean Hydra




Hurt Feelings


Midnight Fairy


Tinker Bell


The Red Fairy


Aphrodite's Child

The Court of Hades

The Salvation of the Argo


Athene, goddess of Wisdom

Battle of the Damned

The Conquest of Space

Jungle Tales

The Master of Evolution

Raven of Atlantis

King Arthur & Sir Lancelot

El Cid



Uther & the Dragon's Breath

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Licensing existing art is a very inexpensive way to get a striking cover, starting at only $99.USD... Modifying existing work to fit a cover's need for Extra Space... My images can be easily modified to be used as book covers and accommodate analog printing cutoffs by adding more edge space along the sides and extra room at the top for lettering at no extra charge. It's quick and easy with today's powerful digital media!

Angels of Reassurance


The Familiar


The Lady Kriemhilde


Zenobia, Queen of Palmyra


The Messenger


The Virgin and the Unicorn


Zeus, King of the Olympians


Medusa the Gorgon


Jason and the Argonauts


Hera, Queen of the Olympians


The Battle of Midway


1st Marines Assault on Peleliu Beach


Spartan King Leonidas


D plus Six: American Paratroopers in Normandy


The Welcoming Committee


The Ascension

Little Red Riding Hood


Little Daylight

The Quarrel between Titania and Oberon


Egyptian Queen Cleopatra




The Sorceress Medea




Fairy Queen Medb,  of the Sidhee




Macaria, the Daughter of Hades



Amazon Warriors


Theseus & the Minotaur


The Dragon's Breath


The Summoner


The Tiger Girl


The Golden Apples


Michael cutting thru Fear


The Crown of Thorns


The Crucifixion of Christ


The Sprits of the Prophets


The Transfiguration of Christ



The Song of the Harpist


Waiting for Eros

Celtic Queen Boudica and the Morrigu

Psyche in Cupid's Garden

Brigit, the Celtic goddess of Poetry

Raphael with Fruit


Ancient Metropolis


The Dome of the Rock


The Charge of the Light Brigade


The Defense of Reorke's Drift


A Midsummer Nights Dream


The Fall of Jerusalem

Phantom of the Opera

The Sword of Siegfried

The Dragon Dancer

The Dragon Charmer

The Great Green Dragon

Rite of Passage

The Good Ladies of Nature


 Click on the Icons for Larger copies and Poster Ordering Info

 Gorgeous Quality High Resolution files for All kinds of Licensing!

E-mail now for courteous and speedy service!


Mystery, Babylon the Great


Kwan Yin [Guanyin]


Isis, Egyptian Patroness...


The Twilight of the gods


The Sacred Heart of Jesus


Titania, Queen of Fairies



The Faerie Grove Revisited



Faerie Guardians



Athena, Protector of the...


Song-Zi Kwan Yin


Odin and Sleipnir

Thor, the god of Thunder

Surtur, King of the Fire Trolls

Frigg takes oaths from all living creatures

Baldur, the Shining One

Hermodr Before Hel

Fafnir, the Storm Giant

Loki and his Children

Išunn and the Golden Apples

The Binding of the Fenris Wolf


        Contact us - choose an image - send paypal - download from 

     When I get details of how you want to use them, I can quickly set a price that's right for our deal. As I said, I wouldn't charge a struggling writer self publishing one small edition the same price as a lifetime license to a major distributor to sell prints.

     Please let me know which images you'd like to use and where and how you want to use them - you know - posters or book covers or greeting cards or etc and things like the size of print run, length of term the license will cover. There is a $99. U.S.D. minimum order. (This is my lowest price - the Educational or non-profit use discount) With this specific info we'll be able to quickly make you up a custom price based upon your specific usage, term, and scale. It’s very quick and simple- 

  Choose an image - send paypal - download from  or the old fashioned way ~ I get a check up front and you get a written signed and dated license and a CD Rom Disk with large high-resolution art shipped to you via U.S.P.S. Priority mail the same day. You need sign nothing but the check and not even that if you send a money order or electronic payment.



Didn't SEE what you want? We have HUNDREDS more... Scroll down

  Some of David's more prestigious clients have included the National Geographic Society, the University of Texas, the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in England, MGM, Warner Home Video, Paramount Studios, Universal Studios, PBS TV, Enslow Educational Publishers, Adobe Photoshop, Auto FX,  Doubleday, the History Book of the Month Club, & J Walter Thompson Advertising, just to name a few. 



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Angel Art

Spartan Warriors

Fantasy Art Fairy Paintings King Arthur Religions of the World

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Legends of History

History Part Two

Greek Mythology Symbolist Art Norse Mythology Celtic Mythology
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Digital Techniques

Asian Mythology Studio Photography

Art Instruction

The Seven Wonders

Goddess Art
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Surrealist Art About Realistic Art Pencil Portraits I Colored Pencils II More Fantasy Art Realistic Paintings
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About the Artist Art of  Res Publica Classic Fairy Tales  Dragons Pre-Raphaelite Art  Art Link Exchange
 Art of the Bible Mermaid Art  The Art of War  Business Center Legendary Women Paintings in Oils


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