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"Stories that never grow old..."







"The Frog Princess"[left], "Young Rapunzel" [center] aka "The Maiden in The Tower" and "JACK and the BEANSTALK" [right] aka "The Treasures of the Giant"   is the English version of one of the oldest folktales in history ~ possibly dating back as far as 5000 years to the Nephilim giants of Sumerian and Biblical times.  The Frog Princess is the Russian version, there was also a frog prince in another completely different fable... I've always loved the unrealistic anthropomorphic portrayals of the animals in these classic fairy tales...







"Little Red Riding Hood" MMXII  "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" MMXVIII and "The Gobliny Wood" MMXIX. Imprisonment, slavery and kidnapping of precious little ones and fair young maidens were common tropes in these cautionary tales... Regarding The Three Bears There are SO many versions of this story... it started out with a silver haired old woman who was eaten alive, I prefer the more humorous "Goldilocks as a force of nature" version...






"Poor Cinderella" MMX (Left) "Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother" and "Queen Cinderella" Rags to Riches: Cinderella was so named because her step-mother made her sleep on the stone in the fireplace hearth and was always covered in cinders. The fairies appeared to her in the form of birds to work their magic; alas there was no fairy godmother in the story. Walt Disney re-invented many of these stories for his films with extra scenes and characters to get them up to screen running times. "Poor Cinderella" and "Cinderella and her Fairy Godmother"were done to compliment Queen Cinderella and both are part of a new series of classic fairy tale illustrations...








 "The Fire Drake", "The Fair Lady Huntress" and Vassilissa La Belle"  all MMXIV 







 "The Princess and the Dragon" is a classic theme, but contrary to the popular myths, dragons do not like to eat princesses as they tend to smell of cheap perfume and cause indigestion..."The Dragon Egg" and "Drako Oracle"  show more modern relationship motifs ~ all MMXX 






alt=The maiden and the unicorn fantasy art UNICORN ART painting poster wallpaper       Unicorn Mountain fantasy art painting poster wallpaper UNICORN ART      alt="The Unicorn of the Forest fantasy art UNICORN ART painting poster wallpaper"



             elven dragon trainer gold dragon wyvern picture 

"Aithlin and the Old Forest Goblins" , "Aithlin Aerendyl of the Ljósálfarm" and "The Dragon Chronicles"







Of all Shakespeare's works A Midsummer Night's Dream has had the most compelling hold on the imagination of painters. William Blake made a series of watercolors in the early 1790's. By the mid 1800's a tradition developed among British and Scottish Painters that continues today all over the world in every known form of art media...







"An Elf Maiden and her Fairies" "Baba Yaga"from Russia, and "Ye Faerie Queene" rode a unicorn ... all MMXIV




      Fantasy Art Knight fighting Dragon to save girl sacrifice      

Knights and Dragons



 "The Dragon form the Sea" "The Knight Champion and the Dragon, and " The Dragon's Visitor" ... all MMXX









"The Elf King's Daughter " ~ a contemporary fairy tale mash-up based on German & Celtic Myths MMXIV 







It was In 1835 Hans Christian Andersen published the first edition of his immortal "Fairy Tales" including "The Little Mermaid", "Thumbelina", "The Snow Queen", "The Steadfast Tin Soldier", and the "The Ugly Duckling". What stood out he most to me when I first read these was the conspicuous absence of Fairies in these Classic "Fairy Tales".







Classic Fairy Tales: The Golden Age of Fairy Tale  Illustration began in the wake of publications such as the fairy tales edited by the Brothers Grimm, Minstrelsy of the Scottish Borders by Sir Walter Scott and revivals of the plays of William Shakespeare. Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm first began collecting the stories in 1807 and published the first edition of 80 tales in 1812 and expanded it to 170 by the second edition in 1822.







 The stories collected by the Brothers Grimm featured many folktale creatures, such as dwarfs, giants, and monsters, but nothing was as popular as the Fairy Tales. They quickly became the best-known story tellers of folk tales from Europe, and their book made stories like "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", "Cinderella", "The Sleeping Beauty", "Little Red Riding Hood", "Hansel and Gretel", "Rumpelstiltskin", "Rapunzel", and "The Frog Prince" famous the world over.





      Fairy knight faerie male steed hare       




"Peter Pan" and "Horror of Tinkerbell" MMXIV All in Mixed Media including 3D modeling









"The Protector of the Forest" MMX, and "Hobgoblin Healers" and "Frigg takes oaths from all living Creatures" MMXIII








"The Little Mermaid" MMX,  "Merbabies" and "The Ascension" were all done in  MMXII in mixed media including 3D







"The Defenders of the FAITH" MMXIV and "The Alegory of the Dragon"   MMXX 







 Artists and writers initially took their cue from these collections of fairy tales but soon began devising their own scenarios. A Midsummer Night's Dream and The Sleeping Beauty are above: These fairy tales written by William Shakespeare and compiled by the Brothers Grimm and the illustrations they spawned helped to create a mythical, magical never-never land from our folklore. 








"Sleeping Beauty" and "Snow White" below are based on the stories in "The Fairy tales of the Brothers Grimm" which was first published as Children's and Household Tales (German Kinder- und Hausmärchen) and later under the title, "The German Book of Popular Stories" as they themselves did not write any of them but compiled them for publication, rather like what Aesop did with his book of fables. These stories were handed down by oral tradition for many generations and still captivate readers of all ages in all forms of media...




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