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Professional Educator and Artist

      Virginia Johnson is a professional educator & artist with a background in the natural & social sciences. Highly skilled with computers, Virginia can design, publish, & maintain websites.  She is proficient in dozens of computer software programs including Adobe Photoshop, Front Page, Netscape composer, all the Microsoft Office programs, such as Powerpoint &Word, Clarisworks, Appleworks, Painter 5, & First Class just to name a few.

   Skilled with all the traditional art media as well as computers, she is familiar with most E-mail, scanning, and printing programs.  Trained in the "old school" computers came late in life and Virginia loves to hook up and empower her fellow teachers. 

Her passions include her family and her career, Science, The Visual Arts, Art History and the vanishing American Needlecraft Arts of which she has joyfully mastered all. 

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Education & Philosophy

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Contact her at virginiagjohnson@gmail.com

We're proud to say that " Who's Who among America's Teachers" has honored Virginia AGAIN this year for her commitment to educational excellence and devotion to her students... only 2% of America's finest teachers are ever so honored. Find out more by visiting www.honoring.com

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